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16.90 EUR

Content: 30 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
N-Pentanol - 71-41-0

Try the Amsterdam Revolution Black Label poppers with the brand-new stabilised Pentyl Nitrite formula for even stronger sensations and relaxation during your sessions! This new design of bottle contains 30 ml of pure bliss inside, ready to knock your socks off as soon as you open the bottle!

The Duo Power formula inside is made with super strong Pentyl nitrite and the stabilisating agent N-Pentanol for a stronger kick and longer-lasting effects due to the high-quality ingredients used when making this new label. The makers of Amsterdam Revolution created a very strong poppers that took us by surprise and left us drooling and content!

Black Labels poppers are famous for their purified recipes containing just the best and strongest chemicals to loosen you up and turn you into a sex machine! No more taboos, no more inhibitions, only the raw need to breed and pleasure yourself once you open the bottle and let its sexy aroma reach you.

Get the new Amsterdam Revolution and its super strong Black Label formula and you will experience some of your best sessions with explosive orgasms!

Product details:
✓ Main ingredient: purified pentyl nitrite
✓ New XL bottle format with 30 mL
✓ Big round glass bottle
✓ Individual box included
✓ Duo Power for double the kick!
✓ One of the strongest poppers ever
✓ With security cap
✓ Reduces evaporations and leaks


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