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119.90 EUR 99.90 EUR

If you feel like throwing a Glow Party at home or recreate the atmosphere of a Dark room in your bedroom, then this Starter Pack is required! You will be able to turn off all lights for maximum intimacy and anonymity, being able to fool around in the dark, experimenting new things and meeting new people.

The Bodypainting colors will glow in the dark under the black UV light for an eerie and thrilling multicolored experience! This kind of dark light will turn everything into a whirlwind of neon and fluorescent colors that looks really cool!

Jungle Juice Ultra Strong Black Label 10 ml:
this fantastic bottle of poppers is one of our newest creations for maximum sensations and a sure kick that will knock your socks off!

Pop Adelic 10 ml:
the classic French poppers will quickly make you reach new heights of pleasure and experience incredible orgasms thanks to its super strong propyl recipe.

Double Booster Glow in the Dark:
experience the fantastic new Booster that glows in the dark to boost the effects of your poppers and be able to see it at the darkroom or at the glow party!

RealRock 7" Glow in the Dark Dildo:
this wonderful dong has a realistic texture full of veins, skin folds and details and a strong suction cup as well as pleasing dimensions for great sensations!

Ouch! Glow in the Dark SLUT Paddle:
leave a sexy impression on your slave's skin with this great paddle that glows in the dark during very exciting sessions!

Ouch! Glow in the Dark Cock Ring Ball Strap:
for more support, a stronger erection and a more sensitive ballsack, the 2-in-1 cock ring and ball strap combo is the perfect male enhancement.

Bodypainting Colors for UV and Glow Lights:
these colored highlighters are filled with neon colors, skin-safe and easy to wash to create the perfect make-up during UV parties.

Black Light UV Lamp for Glow Party:
this plug and play black light functions with a USB cable to provide you with superb fluorescent light and make everything look like glowing neon!

Content: 20 ml (2 x 10 ml)
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7